Woods Entertainment

Woods Entertainment is a pioneer in the sports industry. The company has helmed several top-class sporting events across many cities in India and globally. With a clientele of over 300 reputed corporate names, Woods Entertainment is the preferred name for sports events, especially in the cricketing world. Formed in the year 2009, the company has grown multifold to be one of the best sports management firms in the world. Woods Sports Promotion, Inbox Woods Events and Entertainment, Inbox Events, Rubicon Sports, Future Sports and Seventh Realm Sports are the sister concern companies of Woods Entertainment. In addition to organizing and managing sporting properties and events, Woods Entertainment, is also a leader in building sports infrastructure. The company has set up multiple cricket and soccer playgrounds/ turfs in and around Mumbai.

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GS Holding has invested in several projects in various sectors. The company has also sponsored popular events in the sports segment. GS Holding has made possible scores of spectacular events in India and across the globe. With a zeal for innovation through technology, GS Holding Inc has built strong ideals to make a success out of every enterprise.

GS Holding Inc has created a solid sports portfolio with several top notch sporting properties under its umbrella. A few mentionable names are:

  • Euro T20 Slam
  • GlobalT20 Canada
  • Brampton Beasts Ice Hockey Team in Canada
  • Sobo Supersonics Cricket Team in Mumbai T20 League
  • XLNC Cricket Team in Super Star League
  • Box Singh